Lamara is a London-based, Brazil-made footwear and ready-to-wear brand created by eponymous designer Lamara Roma, in 2022.

Evolving in the studios of British fashion disrupters for over ten years, as a heel and footwear designer, Lamara envisions every design from the bottom up, from the tip of a heel to the daintiness of a strap.

Magnetic silhouettes for the female gaze, Lamara draws her inspiration from the bold minimalism of the 90’s and takes part to our generation’s duty to preserve our resources.

Our Iconic Heels

Our statement heels are recognised by our signature two-part metal heel which creates the perfect partnership of refinement and glamour. Designs are inspired by exotic colour and eye- catching silhouettes, we are the ultimate destination for refined glamour.


Team of professionals

Our team is driven, hard-working and passionate about providing quality and style. We want to feel good about the work we do each day & reflect our values. Founded by women for women!

Welcome to the world of the ever evolving LAMARA LONDON.